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Bizen Flower Vase

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Takashi Baba - Bizen Yohen Ao Hanaire

132,000 YEN
Sold out

size : W14.1cm×10.4cm×H21.3cm

Takashi Baba is a ceramic style that combines sculpture and Bizen ware.
He uses a lot of shavings and patterns to create highly artistic works.
This work is painted black clay and cobalt on the surface.
Furthermore, a bright blue fire pattern is generated by intensively applying a strong fire.
Goma's yellow, black clay, and bright blue are a set and have a very fantastic beauty.
This work is a work of a solo exhibition held in Tokiha, Oita Prefecture in February 2021.

Koji Nakahara - Bizentsuthi Susogo kinsai Kotsubo and Buddhist frog (fake)

55,000 YEN

size : W11.1cm×11.1cm×H16.1cm

Koji Nakahara is a potter who works in two places, Osaka and Bizen.
He is commissioned to make bespoke tableware by a famous restaurant in Osaka.
And in Bizen, he is learning about Bizen ware from his teacher, Fumio Kawabata.
He uses an electric kiln to turn Hidasuki into a metallic color.
The frog that does zazen was made by melting glass.
It is his original Buddhist frog designed from plaster mold.
He said the frog was a Buddhist mane and had not reached Nirvana.

Yuho Kaneshige - Imbe Mimitsuki Hanaire

80,000 YEN

size : W14.4cm×13.9cm×H24.9cm

Yuho Kaneshige is the third son of Sozan Kaneshige.
He inherited Inbe's house and kiln from his father.
He was presenting traditional Kaneshige style works.
But around 2018 he started a new challenge.
He demolished the kiln that he inherited from his father and made a more primitive kiln.
This Hanaire was fired around 2000 in the inherited kiln.
The very fine casegoma and the beautiful red clay color are wonderful.
He hates to imitate the style of Toyo and Sozan.
The design of the body and the balance of the rim are his own style.

Ryuichi Kakurezaki - Bizen Mimitsuki Hanaire

300,000 YEN

size : W18.2cm×13.1cm×H22.9cm

This is a work made about 10 years ago by Ryuichi Kakurezaki.
The collector kept it without opening after purchase.
He uses the same black clay as Jun Isezaki.
He makes works with normal Bizen clay, and paints black clay after drying.
"Kuro" is made of clay with a high iron content in the Osafune district of Okayama prefecture.
Add a small amount of cobalt after dissolving them in water to make it liquid.
The black clay applied to the work changes to beautiful black when fired.
The part exposed to heavy ash is colored cobalt blue.

Satoru Masamune - Bizen Mimitsuki Hanaire

38,000 YEN
Sold out

size : W14.9cm×13.4cm×H25.5cm

This is Hanaire when Moriyasu Masamune was calling himself Kengo.
It's a work 30 to 40 years ago, and it's his young work, but I'm amazed at the very powerful design.
It's like a Hanaire made by a potter who has been doing pottery for 40 years and 50 years.
Mimitsuke, who is said to be very difficult, has also completed it with this work.
Beautiful scarlet clay color and Kase goma occur throughout the work.

Tomio Ochi - Bizen hanaire

50,000 YEN
Sold out

size : W14.8cm×13.2cm×H27.1cm

Tomio ochi is a relative of Anjin Abe.
He was an office worker but loved art.
After retiring from the company, he studied pottery as a student at Anjin Abe.
He studied the control of the fire method of the old Bizen from Anjin Abe.
From this Hnaire I feel the essence of sculpture and oil painting he has learned so far.

Mitsuru Isezaki - Imbe Yohen Hanaire

200,000 YEN
Sold out

size : W15.2cm×12.7cm×H23.1cm

Mitsuru Isezaki is one of the potters who inherited Bizen ware redeveloped by Toyo Kanesige.
His pottery style is simple and undecorated to show off the goodness of the clay.
This Hanaire is his later work.
The beautiful black Yohen and red Botamochi are amazing.
It is a fire pattern that changes from night sky to sunrise.
The motif of the design is "Hukumimi" from old Bizen Hanaire.

Mitsuru Isezaki - Bizen Tsurukubi Hanaike

45,000 YEN

size : W11.0cm×10.8cm×H20.2cm

Mitsuru Isezaki is one of the potters who inherited Bizen ware redeveloped by Toyo Kanesige.
His pottery style is simple and undecorated to show off the goodness of the clay.
This Hanaire is his young works.
Hidasuki Tsurukubi hanaire was the highest grade since Momoyama era.
He studied them and reproduced them in his own kiln.
He succeeded in designing a beautiful neck like a crane, which is the etymology of Tsurukubi.

Ken Fujiwara - Bizen Flowervase

120,000 YEN

size : W11.4cm×11.2cm×H26.8cm

Mamoru Taku - Bizen Hidasuki Tsubo

18,000 YEN
Sold out

size : W13.3cm×13.3cm×H11.6cm

Jun Isezaki - Bizen Hanaike

70,000 YEN
Sold out

size : W13.0cm×12.9cm×H24.5cm

Koji Nakahara - Bizen Tsutsi Nerikomi Hutatsuki Kaki

13,500 YEN
Sold out

size : W7.5cm×7.5cm×H14.2cm

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